About Us

Step into the enchanting world of Jenni and Janki, where every crafted piece of our handmade weaves a tale of timeless elegance, artistic fervor, and profound empowerment. Established in 2021 by the dynamic duo, Kamlesh and Sapna, Jenni and Janki is more than just a jewelry brand—it's a celebration of femininity, individuality, and empowerment. Driven by a shared vision to empower women to embrace their uniqueness, our collection embodies the essence of tradition infused with innovation. Each piece is a manifestation of the transformative power of jewelry, symbolizing strength, grace, and the spirit of empowerment.

At Jenni & Janki, our focus is on amplifying our online presence and expanding our product range, all while fostering meaningful employment opportunities, training, and skill development within our community of artisans. With an in-house manufacturing process meticulously curated for quality and innovation, we prioritize high-quality materials without compromising on style.

Join us on our odyssey as we redefine the narrative of handmade jewelry, one masterpiece at a time, while empowering women to seize their moment in the spotlight.